Barn  contains the main studio and gallery space that includes a music lounge with a grand piano, a library and reading                             space with a fireplace, a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, 2 sleeping rooms and a painting/sleeping loft. It opens onto                             a covered patio, barb-q and firepit. The indoor and adjacent outdoor spaces can accommodate up to 60 people. 

Gallery  serves as a display space for featured artists and a variety of unique exhibitions. It also functions as a theatre and                           classroom on occasion. Check out our on-site gallery that supports and assists artists and art seekers on their                                 creative quests. All profits are used to cultivate creative community. see more at

Office  houses the design studio with 2 parallel drafting boards/CAD stations. There is space for hand-made scale model                             making and sketching along with a conference table and bookshelves of design and architectural publications.. 

Cabin   accommodates the artist in residence and serves as guest housing on occasion. It is a rustic 396 sq.ft. 1 bedroom,                            1 bath, fully furnished dwelling made of recycled and re-purposed material.  click here for more info.

Amp-a-theatre  is a 60 seat outdoor performance space including a 20'x12' stage and backstage 'green room' is

                             currently under construction. Available summer 2020 for hosting a variety of performances and events.                  

Art studio  hosts a painting space with a sliding barn door and a sloped ceiling that can accommodate pieces up to

                    7' wide and 20' long. The studio space comfortably occupies 2-3 artists and is available to artists in residence.