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​     "Education is the most powerful weapon which  you can use to  change the world".                                                                                                                      - Nelson Mandela                                                    

Art classes are offered in a variety of mediums for all ages. Instruction and curriculum is catered to the skill level of each individual and their learning style. Students are encouraged to explore, choose and create art as a unique personal expression that has meaning and relevance to themselves and the world we all live in. Art therapy as a tool to reduce stress levels and creatively solve problems and provide healing is also available. Supplies and materials are included unless noted otherwise.


Music is the indigenous universal language that flows through everyone and heals and brings people together of all walks of life. Private instrumental music lessons are available at all levels and arranged around the students and instructors schedule. 

Instructors are professional musicians that are passionately dedicated to teaching and encouraging music to be learned, played, appreciated and shared by everyone of all ages, genres and abilities. Free instrument rental may be available.


The Art Farm will come to you. We enjoy visiting schools, companies, insitutions, mult-famly and private homes offering classes and workshops uniquely designed to meet your specific learning objectives. Creative activities are proven to reduce stress and empower individuals to use their own imagination to develop new ideas and creatively solve problems. Reserve your time here.

Artist in Residence

The Art Farm welcomes artists to relax and reside on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Artists can getaway in a private and peaceful, natural environment that provokes thought and inspires creativity. Residents enjoy quiet, uninterrupted time in a  place which allows for creation in virtually any medium, all the while, surrounded by art and nature. Reserve your time here.

Note: Scholarships and grants may be available for all Programs. THE ART FARM is committed to providing equal                  opportunities and experiences for all and does not discrimminate in any form.. Contact us for more info.

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