Calendar 2020

In addition to our classes & programs are these unique events and creative playshops open to the public.

Check back again as the calendar is updated often.

May               Due to COVID - 19 regulations, we wll be open for live

                                viewing by appointment only until further notice.

3                         Gallery Opening  1-5 pm - By appointment

3-31                 Gallery exhibition - 'Farout' - Craig Rogers - Solo Show.                                 Celebrate spring alongside art with an abundance of                                       colors of which you have never seen before. A solo                          exhibit featuring the amazingly unique colorful and textural                          art of Slotin's Outsider Art Auction artist Criag Rogers. 

                         Click here to view and purchase Craig's far out art.



7                        Gallery open  1-5pm

1-21                 Gallery exhibition - 'Farout' - Craig Rogers - Solo Show


5                        Gallery Opening  1-5 pm

5-31                 Gallery exhibition - 'Connectivity' - A collective and multi medium art                                     exhibit expressing states of being connected and the interconnection                                   of the natural and material. Enjoy an afternoon connecting to art, food,                                beverage with live music and creative community.


2                         Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-23                  Gallery exhibition - 'Connectivity'   


                        Gallery Opening   1-7 pm

6-30                  Gallery exhibition - 'Religion & Politics'  - A rare collective exhibit.

                          Every 4 years we show a variety of provocative art adressing the systems                               of the collective masses and the effects on human social-eye-zation.                                        Join the ART Party! and share in creative conversations with artists,                                   enjoying live music, spoken word, food, beverages and remark-able art.                   


                          Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-27                    Gallery exhibition - 'Religion & Politics' 

December - April 2021

                                  Gallery open by appointment

                            Gallery exhibition - 'Selected Works'   


14-15                    Gallery Opening  1-5 pm

14-30                  Gallery exhibition - 'Selected Works' - An annual exhibit showing a                                          collection of selected works from a variety of gallery artists. Give a gift                                    from the heART this year. This also is 'Art in the Woods' weekend and a                                 great opportunity to see other local artists in their studios.

                            We'll have mimosas, coffee, tea, hot cider and pastries to accompany you                               on your creative journey.