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Calendar 2024

In addition to our programs, are these unique events and creative playshops open to the public. Check back again as the calendar is updated often.


5             Exhibit Opening  1-5 pm                                                                                      with live music from The Rising Sons

5-31        Gallery exhibition -'APRIL SHOWERS, MAY FLOWERS'                               A collective exhibit featuring new art from new artists                                              celebrating the rebirth of Spring and all her colorful beauty.






            Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-21       Gallery exhibition - 'APRIL SHOWERS, MAY FLOWERS'

rising sons


               Exhibit Opening  1-5 pm                                                                                      with live music from The Chuck Easton Quartet

7-31         Gallery exhibition - ‘INSIDE OUTSIDE' - A very special and                              unique exhibit offering a rare glimpse inside the art referred to                             as Self Taught, Naïve, Folk, Brut, and also known as “Outsider                            Art”. A genre of art that is gaining awareness with deserved                               respect while initiating dialogue around the questions of who                              are artists and what is art? 

                   This exhibit is a tribute to Port Townsend artist Craig Rogers,                        who passed recently and there will be an opportunity to view some                    of his amazing art that has never been shown before.  

Chuck Easton w instruments.jpg

   August                                                                                          4            Gallery open  1-5 pm 

                      Join us for a lovely afternoon surrounded by beautiful art.

   1-18        Gallery exhibition'INSIDE OUTSIDE'  


1              Exhibit Opening   1-5 pm  with live music from The                                 Mark Lewis Quartet - info at

1-30         Gallery exhibition - 'RELIGION & POLITICS' - Art of the                              systems for the collective masses. This election year, Join the                       Art Party!!! Come gather to enjoy remark-able art, live music,                       spoken word, food, drinks and a great time of social-eyezing.



1               Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-20         Gallery exhibition'RELIGION & POLITICS'

lewis af_edited.jpg


10           Exhibit Opening  1-5 pm

1-30         Gallery exhibition - 'SELECTED' - An annual exhibit                                      showing a variety of selected works from our unique and                                  talented gallery artists. This giving season, give a gift from                              the heART that will last forever. We'll have mimosas, coffee,                            tea, hot cider and pastries to accompany your creative journey.


December - April 2025

                     Closed to the public                   

                           Crescenda Gallery open by appointment

                     Gallery exhibition - 'SELECTED'   

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