Calendar 2022

In addition to our classes & programs are these unique events and creative playshops open to the public.

Check back again as the calendar is updated often.


1                         Exhibit Opening  1-5 pm

 1-31                   Gallery exhibition - 'BLACK & WHITE' - a Collaborative exhibit celebrating the                                 colors of spring alongside art that is black & white and all shades in between.                                  Come enjoy a spring afternoon blossoming with art and music.




5                         Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-19                Gallery exhibition - 'BLACK & WHITE' 


3                           Exhibit Opening  1-5 pm with live music from the                                               Dan Duval Vibes Quartet. more info and music at                                   

3-31                 Gallery exhibition - 'PORTALS'  - a collective exhibit that                                   journeys into various types of portals and passageways via                                 eyes, windows, doors and devices. Spend an afternoon of                                   good vibes listening to live music, viewing unique art and                                   each other, through your own portals.


   August                                                                                                                Gallery open  1-5 pm  with live music TBA.

                               Join us for a lively afternoon surrounded by beautiful                                        art & music.  

   1-21                Gallery exhibition - 'PORTALS'  


4                         Exhibit Opening   1-5 pm  with live music from the                                 Mark Lewis Quartet. featuring Phil Sparks-bass,                                        Randy Halberstadt-piano. more info and music at                              

4-30                  Gallery exhibition - 'COLLECTION'  - Art from the                                    Crescenda Gallery's collection that includes some of                                  the amazing art acquired over the past 20 years.

                             There will be live music, food and beverages to                                            accompany this special celebration.



2                         Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-27                  Gallery exhibition - 'COLLECTION'

Art Farm 2021.jpg


13                        Exhibit Opening  1-5 pm

13-30                 Gallery exhibition - 'SELECTED' - An annual exhibit showing a variety of                                   selected works from our unique and talented gallery artists. This giving                                      season, give a gift from the heART. We'll have mimosas, coffee, tea,                                          hot cider and pastries to accompany you on your creative journey.


December - April 2023

                                    Gallery open by appointment

                                Gallery exhibition - 'SELECTED'   

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